Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kramarczuk's: North Minnepolis

215 East Hennepin Avenue 
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 379-3018

I grew up with Czechoslovakian Grandparent's on one side in Northern Wisconsin so I'm a woman that can appreciate cabbage, poppy seed noodles and some hand-crafted sausage.  No pun intended.  So I was excited to hear that my coworker and friend, Dusty, was taking me to a Eastern European deli. 

What Makes Kramarczuk's Unique?
Per their website: "In the late 1940s, Wasyl Kramarczuk and his wife Anna traveled from their beloved Ukraine to the United States in hopes of achieving the American dream, and after years of hard work, they founded Kramarczuk’s.  Wasyl with his skills in sausage making, Anna with her skills in cooking and baking, and their idea of making the best possible products, created the Kramarczuk’s that today is considered a Minneapolis Landmark".  

Honestly, how can you beat a place that has stood the test of time and kept their American dream living on for generations?  Kramarczuk's is also not only a restaurant, but a bakery, sausage counter and delicatessen as well!  
Kramarczuk's restaurant line and a busy employee!
Kramarczuk's Dining Area
What Do They Serve at the Restaurant?
Kramarczuk's restaurant is cafeteria style and the day that Dusty introduced me to the restaurant it was right before Christmas and quite busy.  But, what was I expecting?  I'm going to a ethnic food spot right before the masses come to pick up their Christmas sausages and baked goods!

The restaurant serves a variety of foods including Eastern European dishes like: cabbage rolls, goulash stew, Ukrainian meatballs (the size of a softball), and verenyky (dough dumpling stuffed with yuminess).
Some of the Eastern European dishes

Some cold salads
How good does that special sound?
Hungarian Meatballs over noodles: huge, hearty and hittin' the spot
Soups and salads include a savory (not spicy) chili, borscht, chicken noodle, and both kinds (German and American) of potato salad.  Highlights on the sandwich menu include: the Cossack (Ukrainian sausage served with kraut and Swiss cheese), the Reuben, and a pulled pork sandwich for those of you feeling less adventurous.  For dessert there are a few great items listed that I saw but I only have one word, kolachi.  And if you don't know what a poppy seed kolachi is then you need to come to my family's place over the holidays. 
Say it with me, ko-la-chi.  Yum-ee.
Would You Go Again?
Yup!  I love this place because it reminds me of home and the holidays.  While I know that it's bias since I have family associations with this food, I recommend you check it out at least once to see hustle and bustle, try some authentic Eastern European food (which is slightly neutral in nature but very hearty), and get some homemade sausages to take home. 

Also, don't forget to pick up some poppy seed bread or a poppy seed kolchi on your way out!  You won't regret it!

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  1. yum... we have quite the lack of enthic restaurants here. I HATE it!