Monday, September 24, 2012

Jules Bistro: St. Cloud, MN

Wine, stellar food, and great friends made for a perfect laid back weekend in St. Cloud!  But to start, let's chat about the food.  Terren had some spots already scoped out for our visit that didn't disappoint!  First up, Jule's Bistro for lunch.  

Jule's Bistro
921 West Saint Germain Street
St CloudMN 56303 


What Makes It Unique?
It's a cute little bistro right in the heart of St. Cloud's downtown that serves homemade soups, salads, paninis, wraps and baked goods.  With so many chain options in St. Cloud and Waite Park, Jule's adorable bistro breaks the mold with their changing fresh soup and special sandwiches.

What Did We Have?
Since it was lunch, we stuck to the basics. First, let's start off with something that should be outlawed within 10 miles of my house.  What’s better than an Avocado, a Portobella mushroom and a Rueben?  How about when all of their powers combine and make....the Avocado Portobella Rueben!!!  “Seriously tasty” is what I have to say about that!  
Half of my Avocado Portabella Rueben w/ Chips: Braised portabella mushrooms, guacamole, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing on marble rye bread
Half Grilled Turkey Pesto Sandwich: turkey, provolone, tomato and pesto on a white bread grilled and sandwiched with crisp mixed greens.
Half of a Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap (SPECIAL): chicken, bacon, ranch, carrots, broccoli and lettuce in a wrap

Would We Go Again?
Yes, we would go again to Jule’s Bistro!  While we would skip the beef and mushroom chili, the Avocado Portabella Rueben and the Turkey Pesto Panini were both something that we will be recommending to others.  And while I can't personally speak to the Chicken Bacon Ranch wrap, my friend that ordered it did say that it was to her liking.  Also, the service was quick and friendly!

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