Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sea Salt Eatery: Minneapolis, MN

Sea Salt Eatery
Minnehaha Falls (Park)
4801 Minnehaha Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN


How Did I Find This Place? 
I found this little gem through my friends Emily and Jen when they took me there late last summer.

What Makes This Place Unique?
Sea Salt Eatery has a bunch of great things going for it, the first being location.  Sea Salt is located within Minnnehaha Park, which is a large City of Minneapolis park that attracts over 850,000 visitors annually with access to the Mississippi, limestone bluffs, biking and walking trails, and even a spot where you can rent some pretty crazy bikes that ride more than two people!  Their outdoor area has lots of seating (as long as you don't go on a holiday weekend) and is a quick walk over to the falls.

The second thing is their seafood.  In Minneapolis, believe it or not...they have fresh seafood.  They source from Coastal Seafoods which is right down the street and it makes ALL the difference in their food quality.  It's the closest that you'll get in Minnesota to having a beachside food stand meal!  

The third thing that makes them fabulous are their high quality side items.  TONS of variety on their alcoholic beverages list (even for someone like me who doesn't drink beer!).  Also, if you have a sweet tooth or are an ice cream snob they serve Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream, which is super tasty, and based right here in Minneapolis.

Our Meal
We started things off with their calamari
And then dived into our meal with a crab cake sandwich basket...
Crab Cake Basket
...and a fried fish sandwich
Fried Fish Sandwich

Our Thoughts
The calamari tasted how it's supposed to: crunchy, squiddy, salty and had all of the weird looking parts that it was supposed to!  None of that rubber band crap here.  For my meal, I loved loved loved my crab cake and side of fruit.  The crab cake was flaky and full of chunks of fresh crab meat.  It had just the right amount of lemon flavor with a bit of crunch on the outside.  Also, the spicy sauce on top of it didn't disappoint!

My hubby (fiance at the time technically) thought that his fried fish was a bit greasy for his liking, but, I'm not sure what business he had ordering fried fish as a Wisconsinite anyways!!  The "Fish Fry" is coveted and is in our blood.  Every person from Wisconsin has their own expectation of what fried fish should taste like and what texture the breading should have (which stems from our childhood of eating fish fries at bar tops across central Wisconsin).  So while he wasn't so keen on it, I viewed it as a user order error in this case.

But along with the food was the wonderful atmosphere.  It was a beautiful night, everyone was smiling and enjoying the summer weather, the dog sat like a prince watching us dine (also see: "begging"), and we even enjoyed some free entertainment that appeared to be an English folk dance group that uses sticks, swords and ribbons in their routines (neato!).

Our free entertainment (on my birthday by coincidence!)

Will We Go Again?
Yup, we'll be going again.  But, it will be on a week night (to avoid the crazy lines) and we will be avoiding the fried fish sandwich and making sure that we save some room to indulge in some Sebastian Joe's ice cream for dessert.
Our little sidekick, how could I resist?
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