Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nacho Mamma's: Stillwater, MN

Nacho Mammas
312 Main Street South
Stillwater, MN 55082

Where Did I Find This Place?
I found Nacho Mamma's many moons ago when I had some friends that lived in Bayport that took me here (thank you to Rob and Jill!).  My life hasn't ever been the same since and this restaurant was one of the places that inspired me to want to start blogging about places that I had never heard of so that other people could also enjoy some of the spots that I've been fortunate enough to find over the years.

What Makes This Place Unique?
It's hard to find and it's off the beaten path in a tourist area and unless you are looking for it's little green door on a side street you won't find it or even think to eat there.  Other things that make it unique are their use of fresh ingredients and monster portion sizes.  If you're wondering why the dishes seem a little on the pricey side or if you should split just should.  Believe me.  If not, be prepared to carry your to-go box around Stillwater.

Our Meal
I took my friend and work colleague Cailee (who has been featured in other blogging adventures) as a "goodbye" luncheon a few weeks back and what better place to celebrate a closing and beginning of a new chapter then Nacho Mammas?
Salsa was a little spicy but tasty: No Charge
Steak Street Tacos with Fried Beans and Rice: $13
Pork Carnitas Street Tacos with Fried Beans and Rice: $13
Our Thoughts
While the $13 price tag is pretty rough, we should have split them and we knew it (but couldn't resist).  And there was no reason to on a celebration luncheon!  The food was extremely fresh, the portions were huge, the service was good over lunch on a weekday, and the only thing missing was a big @ss margarita but we couldn't have it all now could we? 

Would We Go Back Again?
I can't speak for Cailee but I will be going back again.  I have yet to be let down with anything at Nacho Mamma's and will continue to give patronage!

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  1. I will be going back! Delicious food!

  2. Yum!... That reminds me of a place in New Orleans I went to called Juan's Flying Burrito and I had pulled pork tacos with creamy coleslaw on top...mmmm